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The TS Processing SDK is a set of DirectShow filters. The SDK enables our customers to develop their own applications for the cases of specific requirements to TS processing. The SDK components reveal a wide range of features.

  • Multiple SPTS to single MPTS multiplexing;
  • Elementary stream multiplexing (input formats: H.264/AAC/MPEG2V/MPEG2A/Private data);
  • Single MPTS to multiple SPTS extracting;
  • Program and PID filtering;
  • PID remapping;
  • Add / modify service information (program names, EPG, etc.);
  • Add / modify / delete any SI descriptor: any table, any level;
  • Streaming components: TS over IP receiver / sender.

Every SDK component exposes C++ API. The API documentation is provided only after purchasing our SDK. Upon request we provide sample applications illustrating how to integrate the components into DirectShow graph and use the API to apply settings and read filters' statistics. Our support team provides assistance with API integration: techsupport@scientamedia.com.

We pay special attention to the stability and transparency of our components. That is why each component performs runtime self-monitoring and collects a variety of statistics. The stats data can be retrieved over API. The examples of statistical data are CC errors detected at input, input/output bitrate, signal loss events registered, etc.

Our TS processing SDK is capable to handle widest range of TS processing tasks. In case of specific features required we are glad to offer custom development: please send an email to development@scientamedia.com.