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Software solution to create unified UI and remotely manage multiple distributed applications via HTTPS.

With the present technology state it’s common to have distributed servers running multiple instances of software. There are common ways how to get data logged from those apps by making remote API calls, e.g for errors. It’s a more challenging task however to build a unified, user-friendly interface to control the remote applications. Many companies still use to have remote desktop management apps with the huge lists of servers and logging to each desktop, switching between those, and having to come up with security measure so that this list doesn’t get to the wrong hands or not being lost. That would be a catastrophe! In addition to that, every app needs time, effort and money to build it’s own UI.

We offer something more modern. The solution which will help to your business as a software vendor as well as your customers.

Scienta Distributed App Manager gives to software vendors:

- opportunity to create WEB UI for managing all your distributed apps with minimal effort - with your parameters and statistical data;
- no sophistication in integration (e.g SNMP) - standard JSON over HTTPs;
- scalable architecture - data can be aggregated at “master nodes” to distribute the load in case of hundreds of thousands of the apps;
- “naster - slave” architecture to efficeintly support multiple instances of an app on a single server;
- platform/programming language agnostic application support;
- get centralised way of controlling all applications in a structured way - with ability to group or search by customers, by type, by name, etc.;
- instant status preview (online / offline) and statistics from the remote applications;
- bulk parameter change * (in beta phase);
- management of customer company accounts and users;
- secured cloud access to the WEB UI management console from any device;
- manageable email alerts on customer-defined events and thresholds;

For your customers, we offer similar capabilities just within the context of their company and applications within company's account.

  • Create WEB UI for managing all your distributed apps with minimal effort
  • Scalable architecture
  • Platform/programming language agnostic application support
  • Centralised way of controlling all applications
  • Real-time statistics from the applications
  • Bulk parameter change * (in beta phase)
  • Management of customer company accounts and users
  • Managing customer companies and total license capacity per customer
  • Secured cloud access to the WEB UI management console from any device