The MULTIVIEWER is a web-based mosaic video multiviewer. Create mosaic video quickly and efficiently. 

 How IT Works?

Client / Server Technology

The software consists of the two parts: server side (backend) and the client. The settings, accounts and configuration are stored safely at the backend. The client runs in a browser and enables users to configure the channels, mosaic video panes, as well as run the actual video multiviewer mosaic page. The actual video decoding is done at the client. It means  there's no server-side performance limitation, number of windows / resolutions being rendered are down to the client's PC capacity. That enables our customers to justify required hardware resources locally.

Browser-based client

The client is a WEB application, running VLC plugins, HTML5 video elements, or a custom video player on a web page, arranged into mosaic layout. That allows to cover vast majority of video formats and flexibly choose client's OS and WEB browser.

Flexible Licensing

We offer two licensing models: online (cloud) subscription and hosted. The online mode doesn't require any deployment, the server is in the cloud under our control. The price model for online mode is subscription based. The hosted mode requires deployment of the Multiviewer WEB server on your hardware. For hosted installation, one-time fee is applicable based on number of windows your server will be capable to support. Learn more.